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Mental Health and Entrepreneurship: Chris Steer’s Journey to Chief Energy Officer and Leadership Coach
MAY 30, 2023
Chris Steer reflects on his journey from Division One lacrosse player to successful consultant, highlighting the importance of mental health and the power of mindset and philosophy in overcoming adversity and achieving success.In this episode, you will be inspired to:
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Surviving His Own Personal Traumas and Becoming a Successful Trauma Surgeon with Dr. Craig Thayer
MAY 23, 2023
For those who have started their entrepreneurship journey or aspiring entrepreneurs who seek inspiration, have you heard the myths about Craig Thayer's Trauma Surgery Journey? Some say he never faced any obstacles, others claim he was born with the knowledge to succeed, and a few even say he h...
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Overcoming Addiction and Financial Struggles to Launching a Successful Web Design Business with CEO Justin Rule
MAY 16, 2023
Justin Rule is an entrepreneur with big dreams, but his journey to success has been anything but easy. After overcoming a difficult past, he's determined to help others do the same. However, when he and his partner are let go from their jobs, they must make a choice: will they risk it all to f...
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From Personal Pain to Paper Profits with Mortgage Note Investor Justin Bogard
MAY 09, 2023
After reaching the pinnacle of success in swimming and spearheading a successful real estate venture, Justin Bogard is blindsided by his wife's adultery and drinking, pushing him to confront his greatest adversity yet.Justin Bogard is a seasoned real estate note investor and ...
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Leading as a Woman: From Civil Servant to Founder with Organizational Expert Carrie Bateman-Buckley
MAY 02, 2023
Carrie Bateman-Buckley, a determined entrepreneur and seasoned strategist, brings her wealth of experience in organizational design and strategic planning to the table as the CEO of Windsor Bateman Solutions (WBS). With a strong background in public health and education, Carrie focuses on help...
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Mastering Adaptability: From Fractured Beginnings to $700 Million Under Management with Dave Van Horn
APRIL 25, 2023
Dave Van Horn's story is one of resilience and courage in the face of challenge. Despite the obstacle of his parent's divorce and financial hardship, he managed to graduate college and make a successful career in real estate. But what happened next came as an unexpected twist, leaving Dave's s...
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From Swim Lessons to Bankruptcy Law: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Tony Sottile
APRIL 18, 2023
Tony grew up in a regular all-American household and lived a pretty average childhood, but he never could’ve anticipated the life he now lives. He started his entrepreneurial journey as a child offering swim lessons in his area. Today, he runs a huge bankr...
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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Mike Kitko's Journey from Rock Bottom to Inner Wealth
APRIL 11, 2023
In 2016, Mike Kitko hit rock bottom. He was 300 pounds, drinking to toxic levels, and on the verge of divorce. Why? imposter syndrome. Being a well-paid corporate executive didn’t take the imposter syndrome away, it made it worse. “Success isn't gonna take away the feeling t...
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From Quitting My Job to Owning Multiple Companies: A Crash Course in Mortgage Note Investing
APRIL 04, 2023
In this episode, Jamie shares his journey from quitting his job to becoming a successful entrepreneur owning multiple companies, including a mortgage note investing and loan servicing company. He also provides a crash course on how to become a note investo...
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From Used Car Salesman to Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Investor with Corey Peterson
MARCH 28, 2023
In this podcast episode, Corey Peterson shares his inspiring journey from being a used car salesman to becoming a multi-millionaire real estate investor. He talks about how meeting his mother's partner, Bruce, who took them on an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii, changed his mindset about weal...
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