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From 8 Hazy Years of Drugs to Running Two Businesses with Life Coach Geoff Seow
MARCH 21, 2023
A few short years ago, Geoff Seow was in an 8-year haze. That’s what he calls his drug and alcohol addiction years. Today, he has 3 degrees and runs two businesses. In this episode, he shares lessons from how he transformed his life. In August 2020 he decided to turn his life around.
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From Women's Shelters and $700k in Debt to an 8 Figure Net Worth with REI Mom Anna Kelley
MARCH 14, 2023
In 10 years, Anna Kelley went from $700,000 in debt to an 8-figure net worth real estate mogul. Being in tremendous debt wasn’t the first time she hit rock bottom. As a child, she grew up in households with abusive men and had to stay in women’s shelters with her mom. Her tough childhood only ...
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Jamie Bateman Opens Up about Personal Adversity, Mindset, and His Road to Success
MARCH 07, 2023
With a break from the regular programming, in this episode I share parts of my story as Josh Kalinowski, former pro baseball player and now CEO, interviews me. We talk about what it’s like for me to raise an autistic son, the growth of my mortgage note business and loan servicing business, wha...
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From a Surprise MS Diagnosis to Empowering Wealthy Families with Founder Shawn Barberis
FEBRUARY 28, 2023
One of the risks of being wealthy is that your children might turn out to be trust fund babies spoilt by money. Even worse, 91% of wealth transfers fail in two generations. Shawn Barberis’ technology helps families keep their money for longer. He’s one of the few people in the world who solves...
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Financial Abundance through Mortgage Note Investing with Jamie Bateman
FEBRUARY 21, 2023
We’re all looking for ways to broaden our investments in a down market. We’d all like to keep profits trending upward despite a pending recession, so what are the options if adding new properties or more fix-and-flips opportunities are harder to find?
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Embrace Your Adversity with U.S. Navy Veteran and Wealth Strategist Gary Pinkerton
FEBRUARY 14, 2023
Growing up on a dairy farm in Illinois, Gary would see bankers show up and talk to his dad every day. It was the 80s and inflation was killing people’s livelihoods. The bankers had a 21% interest rate on his family farm and they simply couldn’t keep up. This is the story of how Gary’s life unf...
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Finding Purpose and Riches through Serving Others with E-Commerce Expert Neil Twa
FEBRUARY 07, 2023
Neil was a bit immature in his 20s. Impulse and greed were his north stars and they didn’t get him far. He married the wrong person and started charting a destructive path. After recovering from unfaithfulness and divorce, Neil met the woman of his dreams. But, not too...
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Finding God and Million-Dollar Success in Prison with Entrepreneur Paul Aragon
JANUARY 31, 2023
Wanting to show his alcoholic parents that he didn’t need them to be on top of the world, Paul Aragon found himself in prison. He spent his childhood making $40,000-80,000 weekly selling drugs and eventually ended up with 7 felonies. But it turns out that prison was the best thing that could’v...
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Escaping Abandonment and Criminal Charges to Running $100 Million Multifamily Funds with Entrepreneur Steven Libman
JANUARY 24, 2023
By 12 years old, Steven had experienced 5 divorces in his family and changed parents several times. At 40, he now raises real estate funds north of $100 million as a Managing Partner of Integrity Holdings Group, owns 1000 units, and found God. Throughout h...
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From Divorce and Financial Insecurity to a Multimillion-Dollar Investment Company with CPA Mark Livingston
JANUARY 17, 2023
At 48, Mark Livingston found himself divorced with very little money to his name and nothing saved up for his kids. It was a wake-up call that he couldn’t rely on traditional savings vehicles and Wall Street to prepare him for retirement and secure a good ...
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