From Adversity to Abundance
Are you an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur? Then this show is for you. Each week, we bring you impactful stories of real people, who have overcome painful, human adversity to create a life of abundance. You are not alone in your struggle. Join us, and you will experience the power of true stories--and gain practical knowledge--from founders who have turned poverty into prosperity, and weakness into wealth. This podcast will encourage you through your health, relationship, and financial challenges, so you can become the hero in your quest for freedom. Take ownership of the life you were destined to live; turn your adversity into abundance.
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Leo Treadwell's Transformation: Navigating Addiction, Health Scares, and the AI Frontier for Holistic Wellbeing
DECEMBER 05, 2023
Prepare to be inspired as you follow Leo Treadwell's extraordinary journey from addiction and despair to a life filled with purpose and triumph. Just when you think his story couldn't take a more unexpected turn, a basketball injury leads to a shocking cancer diagnosis. But that's only the beg...
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Todd Saylor's Triumph: From Financial Setbacks to Faith-Driven Entrepreneurial Success
NOVEMBER 28, 2023
If you're feeling frustrated and defeated because despite your hard work and long hours, your business is not growing as you envisioned, then you are not alone! Many entrepreneurs face this same challenge, where their actions of networking, marketing, and strategizing are not yielding the desi...
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Storytelling & Resilience with CCO Juliet Hahn: Breaking Dyslexia Myths & Celebrating Abundance
NOVEMBER 21, 2023
Are you tired of hearing these myths about dyslexia? Myth #1: Dyslexics are not intelligent. Myth #2: Dyslexics will never be good readers or writers. Myth #3: Dyslexia is a disadvantage that cannot be overcome. In our upcoming episode, Dyslexia Unveiled, our guest Juliet Hahn will debunk thes...
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