From Adversity to Abundance
Are you an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur? Then this show is for you. Each week, we bring you impactful stories of real people, who have overcome painful, human adversity to create a life of abundance. You are not alone in your struggle. Join us, and you will experience the power of true stories--and gain practical knowledge--from founders who have turned poverty into prosperity, and weakness into wealth. This podcast will encourage you through your health, relationship, and financial challenges, so you can become the hero in your quest for freedom. Take ownership of the life you were destined to live; turn your adversity into abundance.
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Mental Health and Entrepreneurship: Chris Steer’s Journey to Chief Energy Officer and Leadership Coach
MAY 30, 2023
Chris Steer reflects on his journey from Division One lacrosse player to successful consultant, highlighting the importance of mental health and the power of mindset and philosophy in overcoming adversity and achieving success.In this episode, you will be inspired to:
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Surviving His Own Personal Traumas and Becoming a Successful Trauma Surgeon with Dr. Craig Thayer
MAY 23, 2023
For those who have started their entrepreneurship journey or aspiring entrepreneurs who seek inspiration, have you heard the myths about Craig Thayer's Trauma Surgery Journey? Some say he never faced any obstacles, others claim he was born with the knowledge to succeed, and a few even say he h...
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Overcoming Addiction and Financial Struggles to Launching a Successful Web Design Business with CEO Justin Rule
MAY 16, 2023
Justin Rule is an entrepreneur with big dreams, but his journey to success has been anything but easy. After overcoming a difficult past, he's determined to help others do the same. However, when he and his partner are let go from their jobs, they must make a choice: will they risk it all to f...
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