From Adversity to Abundance
Are you an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur? Then this show is for you. Each week, we bring you impactful stories of real people, who have overcome painful, human adversity to create a life of abundance. You are not alone in your struggle. Join us, and you will experience the power of true stories--and gain practical knowledge--from founders who have turned poverty into prosperity, and weakness into wealth. This podcast will encourage you through your health, relationship, and financial challenges, so you can become the hero in your quest for freedom. Take ownership of the life you were destined to live; turn your adversity into abundance.
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From Military Service to Teen Mental Health: Navigating Life's Adversities with Jamie Bateman
FEBRUARY 27, 2024
If you're feeling overwhelmed and lost in navigating your teenager's mental health crisis, seeking solutions that seem out of reach, then you are not alone! The struggle to find effective ways to support your teenager's well-being can leave you feel...
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Bipolar Disorder Can be a Superpower? Entrepreneurship and Mental Health with Andrew DeGood
FEBRUARY 20, 2024
In the cutthroat world of entrepreneurship, success often comes at a cost. But Andrew DeGood's story takes an unexpected turn, revealing a hidden battle that threatened to unravel everything he had worked for. His story is a moving and impactful jou...
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The Power of Boundaries: Building a Startup and Raising a Special-Needs Child with BIFI’s Shante Duffy
FEBRUARY 13, 2024
Do you want to know how a single mom navigated the challenges of starting a successful business while juggling her personal life and time management? If you're looking to learn about improved time management, setting boundaries, and maintaining pers...
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