The Compounding Effects of Intentionality with Four-Time Founder Kevin Dahlstrom
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Today, we’re welcoming back Kevin Dahlstrom, someone who has mastered the art of walking the tightrope between an established corporate career and the thrill of entrepreneurship. Having started four companies while maintaining significant roles in large organizations, Kevin understands the dynamics at play better than most. His experience spans several years and covers both the successful grind to the top and the freedom to pursue business dreams on your own terms.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Grasp the power of cognitive framing in steering personal development.
  • Learn to tailor a satisfying life, rooted securely in your core beliefs.
  • Master the art of mitigating risk when balancing conventional employment and the unpredictability of entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Check out Kevin Dahlstrom's podcast, Compounding, where he interviews exceptional guests and shares life lessons.
  • Consider the lesson Kevin learned from his first startup failure - mindset is everything. Choose to view failures as lessons and opportunities for growth.
  • Reflect on the idea that you don't have to choose between having a great career and a great life. Strive for a happier, healthier life while building a successful career.
  • For those interested in starting a business, consider the unique challenges and opportunities that come with venture capital-funded tech businesses.

“Time is our most valuable asset. Design a life that allows you to spend your time on the most meaningful things: relationships and experiences.”


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