Seth Bradley: Overcoming Racism and Job Loss to Practicing Law and Investing on His Own Terms
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Discover the extraordinary journey of Seth Bradley as he defied stereotypes and overcame adversity to find his true calling. From being a stranger in his own home state to facing racial slurs, Seth's story takes an unexpected twist that will leave you in awe. Seth Bradley is a powerhouse in the world of commercial real estate and law. Raised in rural West Virginia, his journey to success took determination and resilience. He started his career in law, working for reputable firms before finding his passion in real estate. Seth astonishes with his adeptness in the field, boasting of deals that range from multi-million to multi-billion dollars across the spectrum. Out of suit and tie, he's just a regular guy who enjoys sharing his experiences, wisdom and invaluable lessons from his struggles, departure from medicine, and subsequent venture into real estate. Brace yourself for a tale of resilience, ambition, and the pursuit of destiny.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover Seth's inspirational journey from trials to triumphs in the real estate realm.
  • Learn about Seth's transition from the medical field to real estate, emphasizing the importance of following your true passions.
  • Gain insights into the art of legally raising capital in real estate and the repercussions of violating laws.
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“So, I mean, for me, overcoming the adversity to abundance was just taking that accountability and turning that into my own businesses and how I handle things myself and being able to translate that to this abundance, which for me is the flexibility of time.”

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