Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Mike Kitko's Journey from Rock Bottom to Inner Wealth
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In 2016, Mike Kitko hit rock bottom. He was 300 pounds, drinking to toxic levels, and on the verge of divorce. Why? imposter syndrome. Being a well-paid corporate executive didn’t take the imposter syndrome away, it made it worse.


“Success isn't gonna take away the feeling that you have, that you're a failure or you're a fraud.”

After spiraling into multiple self-sabotage habits, Mike took charge and started reinventing himself. But, his wife didn’t like it. The man Mike was becoming wasn’t the man she knew. She rejected the improved version of Mike. Everything that happened next changed both their lives forever.

“What I've learned is that I've gotta figure out what's best for me. I need to be the leader.”

In the episode we talk about the wake-up call in Mike’s life, the difference between codependency and true love, ways to overcome imposter syndrome, why you’re probably not living up to your full potential, and why you need to be self-centered.

“Your stories come true. Whatever you believe about yourself, you make it true. The flip side of the imposter syndrome is I get to decide who I am.”

Mike Kitko is the founder of Inner Wealth Global which he runs with his wife. There, he coaches, speaks, and helps people find time and money freedom - that’s his zone of genius. He also hosts a podcast and is a Marine veteran. He is the author of Imposter In Charge.

Adversities Mike Kitko had to overcome:

-       Feeling suicidal

-       Becoming 300 pounds

-       Drinking at toxic levels

-       Raging imposter syndrome

-       Self-sabotage

-       Lost his job

-       Anger after too many beers


Abundance Mike Kitko created:


-       Wrote a book

-       Became a role model for his children

-       Running a business with his wife

-       Operating in his zone of genius


Lessons from Mike Kitko’s adversities


-       If someone is close to you, but fights who you are - they’re not your ally.

-       The reason you’re in a headlock is that you don’t believe in yourself.


Tune in as Mike Kitko and Jamie talk about:


(00:00) Addiction, Obesity, and imposter syndrome

(08:20) Mike’s typical week

(11:23) Why he always felt like an imposter

(16:20) How the stories you tell yourself come true

(18:40) Hitting rock bottom

(21:32) Why he filed for divorce (after 16 years of marriage)

(24:45) Being selfish vs. being self-centered

(30:55) Your kids aren’t listening, but they’re watching

(32:23) 1 rule for entrepreneurial success

(37:21) Writing a book

(38:18) Codependency vs. love

(41:10) Do marriage and money take hard work?

(47:44) Rapid-fire questions

(54:52) Connecting with Mike Kitko





Nancy Erickson The Book Professor


The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks


The Imposter in Charge by Mike Kitko


Connect with Mike Kitko:


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PODCAST: https://www.innerwealthglobal.com/podcast

TIKTOK: https://www.tiktok.com/@mikekitko?lang=en

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/mike_kitko/

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