Overcoming Adversity & Creating Abundance Through Note Investing with Jamie Bateman
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This episode of The Next-Level Income Show features Jamie Bateman, an experienced real estate investor and business owner who has been actively buying and selling mortgage notes since early 2018. During this time, he has acquired over 75 mortgage notes with principal balances in excess of $4M with collateral across 20 states and growing. Jamie owns several small businesses and a multi-state rental portfolio worth over $3.5M.

More importantly, he has hands-on experience overseeing construction projects and managing properties and has experience in both the title and mortgage industry industries. Having worked for years as a real estate settlement officer and mortgage funding manager.

Jamie discusses the void he felt in his life after leaving lacrosse and how that pushed him to seek out a bigger purpose through his family, his business team, and the military, despite facing adversity.

He shares the different ways you can get started in the note space as well as some of the unique risks and benefits associated with note investing.

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