Overcoming Addiction and Financial Struggles to Launching a Successful Web Design Business with CEO Justin Rule
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Justin Rule is an entrepreneur with big dreams, but his journey to success has been anything but easy. After overcoming a difficult past, he's determined to help others do the same. However, when he and his partner are let go from their jobs, they must make a choice: will they risk it all to fight for their dreams? Or will they remain in the safety of a steady job?

In this episode, you will be inspired to:

  • Transform your life by overcoming addiction and personal struggles through faith and service.
  • Launch a prosperous web design business despite facing obstacles.
  • Develop authentic and genuine connections that boost your entrepreneurship journey.
  • Enhance client relationships through continuous support for better customer satisfaction.
  • Embrace a life of abundance, freedom, and service-oriented mindset for personal fulfillment.

Meet Justin Rule, a devoted family man and founder of the highly-rated web design company, Launchkits.com. Justin's journey to success has been anything but smooth, as he has navigated through personal struggles, addiction, and financial challenges. By turning to faith and dedicating himself to serving others, Justin has emerged stronger and more determined than ever. With a background in education and a heart for helping at-risk youth, he embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship that seeks to uplift and empower others.

“If you haven't considered whether or not you're actually adding value and bringing something to the marketplace that people will pay for, it might not end well for you financially, and you may end up hating what was a hobby that you loved.”

“At the end of the day, it's not just about bringing home money in a bank account, right? It's like being present and helpful and contributing to those in the community, those in your very close community, your family, right?”

“I feel like to be a successful entrepreneur, yes, you've got to have vision. You've got to have a desire for sort of impact and be a little stubborn to bust down some walls sometimes, but you have to be willing and humble to listen.”

Adversities Justin had to overcome:

·     Born prematurely at 2.5lbs, deaf and with cerebral palsy

·     Financial struggles when starting his business

·     Relationship challenges with his wife

·     Addiction is his most personal adversity

·     Got laid off from his job

Abundance Justin created:

·     Finding freedom through Christ

·     Was able to build his first website and was offered a job by a local company

·     Rebuild trust with your life partner

Lessons from Justin adversities

·     Being present and always adding value

·     Evaluate your career path and whether it aligns with your passions or solely focuses on financial gain

·     Be open to trying new things and being adaptable in your career, even if it means taking on multiple jobs or roles simultaneously to provide for your family

·     Consider your own journey through adversity and how finding a purpose greater than yourself can lead to a more fulfilling life

·     Recognize the importance of being part of something bigger than yourself and the impact it can have on your personal growth and sense of purpose

The value of abundance

Abundance, as a concept, extends beyond mere financial wealth. It also encompasses emotional and spiritual well-being, relationships, and personal growth. Achieving a sense of abundance requires individuals to shift their focus from material possessions to finding fulfillment through inner peace, love, and service to others. Maintaining a mindset of abundance encourages personal satisfaction and supports the pursuit of a satisfying and meaningful life. In the podcast episode, Justin Rule speaks about his definition of abundance, emphasizing that it's not merely about amassing wealth but about living a whole, free life and serving others. His experiences and insights demonstrate that a focus on character, relationships, and personal growth can lead to a richer, more fulfilling existence. By sharing his journey, Justin encourages listeners to reflect on their understanding of abundance and strive for personal satisfaction through genuine connections and a dedication to serving others.


The Importance of Listening and Humility

Listening and humility are essential attributes for entrepreneurs to succeed and grow personally and professionally. Active listening contributes to better understanding customer needs and building strong relationships with partners, employees, and clients. Additionally, humility enables individuals to acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses, accept constructive criticism, and remain open to learning from others. These qualities create a collaborative and growth-oriented environment that benefits everyone involved. In the conversation with Jamie Bateman, Justin Rule emphasizes the value of listening and humility in his entrepreneurial journey. By being receptive to feedback and remaining grounded in his values, Justin was better equipped to pivot when necessary and adapt to the changing business landscape. His example underscores the importance of these qualities for both personal and professional growth, and serves as a reminder for listeners to prioritize listening and humility in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

Books and Resources

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't

Wild at Heart Expanded Edition: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul

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