Jamie Bateman Opens Up about Personal Adversity, Mindset, and His Road to Success
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With a break from the regular programming, in this episode I share parts of my story as Josh Kalinowski, former pro baseball player and now CEO, interviews me. We talk about what it’s like for me to raise an autistic son, the growth of my mortgage note business and loan servicing business, what I do to prepare myself for life’s inevitable challenges, and my goals for 2023 - all in light of some of the most important lessons I learned from interviewing more than # people on their journey from adversity to abundance.


“I think of Jocko Willink and extreme ownership - people will ask him, well, it's my fault I got cancer or something like that, and what he says is no, it is not necessarily your fault, but it's your, problem.”


“Trying to focus on others, I truly believe, will give you the most purpose and the most value in your own life.”

This episode will also air on the Leading and Living with Impact and Influence


Tune in as Josh and Jamie talk about:

(00:00) Do sports make you a better entrepreneur?

(04:45) Why I joined (and left) the military

(07:45) How the economy affected my mortgage business

(10:02) Performing notes vs. non performing notes

(12:52) Parenting an autistic son

(17:21) How to get closer to your spouse in tough times

(23:16) What if vs. even if (mindset hack)

(26:44) How to have extreme ownership

(31:43) Why I stopped watching the news

(34:27) Why focus on others

3 nuggets from the episode:

  1. Non-performing notes are notes where you’re buying the debt on a mortgage in which the borrower isn’t making payments. After buying the debt, you would add value so that the note reperforms and you can resell it at a higher price than you bought it to another investor. Performing notes are cash flow plays. Nonperforming notes are exit plays.
  2. Focusing on others is a critical part of getting through adversity. It’s not enough to just focus on yourself, at some point you have to shift your focus to serving others.
  3. Instead of asking yourself “what if” so and so happens, calmly tell yourself that “even if” something you’re dreading happens, you’ll find a way through.


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