From Used Car Salesman to Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Investor with Corey Peterson
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In this podcast episode, Corey Peterson shares his inspiring journey from being a used car salesman to becoming a multi-millionaire real estate investor. He talks about how meeting his mother's partner, Bruce, who took them on an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii, changed his mindset about wealth and motivated him to turn his life around. Corey shares his experience of using other people's money to grow his businesses and how he overcame his workaholism to create time freedom and become a full-time dad. He also discusses the adversities he had to overcome, including a $3.2 million deal that went sideways and breaking his son's heart. Corey shares valuable lessons on how to find success through failure, the importance of creating time freedom, and putting your family first.


Tune in to find out how Corey grew his businesses by copying others, using other people’s money, and is spending more time than ever with his family by creating time freedom.


On using other people’s money:

“It takes money to make money. But it doesn't always take your money.”


On workaholism and creating time freedom:

 “I was saying things like, well, I'm doing it for my kids. I'm doing it for my family. That's a lie. I was doing it for me, right? There was an expense, a price to pay for doing it the way that I was doing it because there was no balance. I didn't create any things that gave me time freedom or really any freedom. It was just work, work, work.”


“No kid ever worries about how much money dad makes. The only currency they trade in is time.”


“Put your vision first, then you build your work life to work around it. It has to fit in the cracks, right? So if you put your family and the things you're really believe are important, and then you put your business on top, it has to fit in the crack.”


Adversities Corey Peterson had to overcome:

  • Grew up poor
  • Struggled with being a workaholic
  • Was an absent dad and husband
  • Broke his son’s heart
  • Had a $3.2 million deal go sideways


Abundance Corey Peterson created:

  • Started wholesaling real estate
  • Became a full-time dad
  • Became a multi-millionaire real estate investor by buying apartment buildings

Lessons from Corey Peterson’s adversities

  • The sooner you fail, the faster you get to success
  • dWork to find time freedom, money alone is not enough


Tune in as Corey Peterson and Jamie talk about:

(00:00) Rags to riches story

(07:14) A typical week for Corey

(08:57) Meeting his real life batman

(12:44) How he raised money for the first time ever

(16:05) “My home life was a wreck”

(21:18) Everything changed after this

(22:56) Exact things he did to fix his life

(26:52) $3.2 million deal that went sideways

(32:20) How he asked someone for $200K

(36:44) Why he’s heavily involved in hiring team members

(40:20) Rapid fire questions

(45:21) His books (how to receive his book for FREE)

(47:28) Rapid fire continued

(51:03) The multifamily space in 2023 and why he fired his property management company

(55:07) Opportunities for investors

(55:57) The switch you need to flip



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A CEO Only Does Three Things: Finding Your Focus in the C-Suite by Trey Taylor

Chandler Compadres (Non-profit)

Why the Rich Get Richer: The Secrets to Cash Flowing Apartments by Corey Peterson

Copy Your Way to Success: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants by Corey Peterson


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