From Personal Pain to Paper Profits with Mortgage Note Investor Justin Bogard
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After reaching the pinnacle of success in swimming and spearheading a successful real estate venture, Justin Bogard is blindsided by his wife's adultery and drinking, pushing him to confront his greatest adversity yet.

Justin Bogard is a seasoned real estate note investor and the co-founder of American Note Buyers. With an impressive background in computer science and management, Justin has applied his skills and determination to build a successful business. As an expert in mom and pop seller finance notes, he focuses on buying performing cash flow and reselling notes after holding them for a year or two. Justin's disciplined approach to life and business, honed through his participation in competitive swimming, has helped him overcome personal adversity and become a respected figure in the real estate investment community.

“ Everybody has their own struggles. Everybody has their own life problems, and it all sucks. But there's also a positive to it. There's also highs, and there's also lows, and we all go through it.”

“I refuse to give up this life of being an entrepreneur and being a business owner, and I won't back down no matter how many times I get knocked down.”


Adversities Justin had to overcome:

·     Wasn’t able to finish college

·     Having to discover his wife’s adultery and drinking problems that ultimately lead to divorce

·     Lost a ton of money as a first-time entrepreneur venturing in real estate


Overcoming Challenges and Looking Forward

In the endeavor of real estate investing for financial freedom, overcoming difficulties and setbacks plays a critical role. By embracing adversity, entrepreneurs can grow from their experiences and become more resilient. Striving for personal and professional development, they adapt and learn valuable strategies through periods of trial and error. Fostering growth through overcoming challenges allows investors to stay ahead in the ever-changing market landscape. Justin Bogard's journey demonstrates how resilience and determination can contribute to eventual success. He faced personal setbacks, such as a divorce and financial challenges, yet managed to navigate through these circumstances and emerge stronger. Justin learned valuable lessons from his setbacks that allowed him to refocus on his goals and continue progressing in real estate investing. He encourages others by sharing his story, showing the importance of moving forward and using adverse circumstances as a catalyst for growth.

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