From Leukemia to Corporate Wellness with Celebrity Trainer Phil Catudal
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In this episode, we sit down with Phil Catudal, a celebrity personal trainer and entrepreneur, to discuss the adversity he has faced throughout his life. From being diagnosed with leukemia at a young age to losing his father unexpectedly and experiencing financial hardship, Phil shares how he dealt with these challenges. We also dive into his abundance story, exploring the intentional moves he has made in his life, including his decision to live in Atlanta. Phil's inspiring journey reminds us of the importance of valuing our time and prioritizing health and fitness. Tune in to gain insights from this resilient individual.


"If you get somebody in better shape and better health and they're feeling better and they own a business, they're only going to be better at their business, better as a supervisor, better as a manager, better as a visionary, whatever else it is, better as a spouse, as a father, you know. So it's all connected for sure."



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