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Have you heard these myths about achieving financial abundance? Myth #1: All you need is a high income to become financially successful. Myth #2: Budgeting restricts your financial freedom. Myth #3: Investing is only for the wealthy. In reality, achieving financial abundance requires control and conscious decision-making. Our guest, Khristine Valdez, will share the truth about how small business owners can increase financial mindfulness and make smarter decisions to improve their financial control. Get ready to debunk these myths and learn actionable steps toward financial abundance.

Our guest for this week is Khristine Valdez, a talented accountant and seasoned entrepreneur who launched her own business, Haven Financial, to bring financial abundance and control to small business owners everywhere. Khristine's journey started in the corporate world, climbing the ladder to CFO positions before deciding to pursue true freedom and establish her own company. Her experience and understanding of the financial landscape enable her to provide invaluable advice on how gaining better control of finances can lead to smarter decision-making for business owners.

“It's not a sprint. Understanding that it's going to take time and not putting so much pressure on yourself, I think is a big thing. And, understanding what is it that you want out of being an entrepreneur and making that happen.”


“Pretend you're signing on a new client and walk them through every single step of the process and as if you were that client from beginning to end, and then look at every single piece that needs to be developed along the way. Whether it's accounting or not. Really, that's just a matter of empathy and putting yourself in the client's shoes. Trying to understand their perspective.”

What is Haven Financial?

Haven Financial is an outsourced accounting services firm that specializes in offering small business owners comprehensive bookkeeping and reporting solutions. Their primary focus is on supporting individual entrepreneurs, particularly those who are investing in second or third businesses. Haven Financial aims to help business owners achieve better financial control and make more conscious decisions about their finances. During her conversation with Jamie Bateman, Christine Valdez shared her own journey from the corporate world to founding Haven Financial.

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