From Divorce and Financial Insecurity to a Multimillion-Dollar Investment Company with CPA Mark Livingston
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At 48, Mark Livingston found himself divorced with very little money to his name and nothing saved up for his kids. It was a wake-up call that he couldn’t rely on traditional savings vehicles and Wall Street to prepare him for retirement and secure a good life for his family. Instead of letting his setbacks define him, Mark used his 35 years of experience as a corporate executive and CPA to turn his life around.

After investing in land flipping and realizing that it takes too much of his time, he founded Match Real Assets - an investment management company that helps investors find lucrative passive and high-performing real asset investment deals. He’s creating opportunities for others that he previously needed himself.

His latest project involves extracting helium from natural gas by purchasing an operational natural gas field and adding value through the use of advanced helium-extracting technology. With his extensive knowledge of financial regulations and a strategic, long-term approach to investing, Mark has proven that it's never too late to start building a better future.

Adversities Mark had to overcome:

  • Divorce
  • Low net worth
  • Nothing saved up for his kids or his retirement
  • Tried to buy a business, but lost the deal
  • Working too much

Abundance Mark created:

  • Rediscovered love and remarried
  • Buying and selling parcels of land
  • Scaling his land investing business
  • Starting an investment management company

Lessons from Mark’s adversities

  • Seek out entrepreneurs and learn from them
  • Don’t live in a box someone else created for you, explore what you want to explore
  • Coaching can change your life and help you discover what you’re meant to do

Tune in as James and Mark Livingston talk about:

(00:00) Financial reality check

(05:52) Juggling a business and a corporate career

(09:41) Nothing saved for his kids at 48

(14:15) Investing beyond wall street and multiple streams of income

(18:50) Land flipping and failing at buying a business

(24:23) Realizing what he actually wants to do

(26:55) How to find a business partners

(28:06) When partnerships go south…

(31:09) Balancing family and work

(37:02) Offsetting his W2 income and reinventing himself

(41:29) How he structures his business deals

(45:42) How accredited passive investors can work with Mark

(56:37) Rapid-fire questions


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Wealth Without Wallstreet

The Land Geek Mark Podolsky

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Books and Resources 

Multiple Streams of Income by Robert Allen

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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