From Debt Slave to Debt Master: Nathan Turner’s Journey to Abundance in Real Estate
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Uncover the unexpected truth about a real estate entrepreneur's journey from adversity to abundance. Learn how a surprising mindset shift led to resilient success in the industry. Stay tuned to unravel the secrets of financial stability and real estate triumph.

My special guest is Nathan Turner

Nathan Turner is the manager of the Earnest Investing Fund, with over 15 years of experience in mortgage note investing and real estate. From overcoming personal debt and financial struggles, Nathan has thrived in the real estate space, transitioning from having debt to owning debt through resilient mindset shifts and strategic real estate ventures. With a thriving mortgage note business and the successful Diversified Mortgage Expo event, Nathan's journey is a testament to the possibilities of real estate investment even in challenging times. His expertise and experience make him an invaluable resource for individuals seeking financial stability and success through real estate investments.

"Going from debt to owning your debt and owning your situation." - Nathan Turner

"Just keep going. There's light around the corner. It's there. Just keep going." - Nathan Turner

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Master the transition from debt to mortgage note investor and level up your real estate game.
  • Unleash the mindset shifts necessary for achieving real estate success and financial freedom.
  • Learn the secrets to starting a real estate investment with no money down and watch your wealth grow.
  • Discover the untold advantages of investing in mortgage notes and how it can supercharge your financial portfolio.
  • Uncover the keys to running a successful real estate event that leaves a lasting impact and builds your network.

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