From 8 Hazy Years of Drugs to Running Two Businesses with Life Coach Geoff Seow
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A few short years ago, Geoff Seow was in an 8-year haze. That’s what he calls his drug and alcohol addiction years. Today, he has 3 degrees and runs two businesses. In this episode, he shares lessons from how he transformed his life. In August 2020 he decided to turn his life around.

“ Marijuana cut a lot of ambition and drive out of my life.”


He took action to tap into his ambition and started an Instagram account called Your Daily Purpose. Though he initially started it to keep himself motivated, it reached 3000 followers in 6 months all because he was being authentic and investing the time to truly get to know people. At his job, he realized he was spending more time answering his Instagram DMs than he was doing his actual job.


“Everybody's using social media, so you have to use social media to create quality conversations, but not in the sense of just creating conversations to sell, because people do that all the time. But creating conversations as in creating a network, creating a global network of people that you know from around the world.”


Eventually, he started an apparel company and a life coaching business. In the episode, he talks about how to overcome addiction, when to take the plunge into entrepreneurship, and why you want to be selective about who your clients are.


“Focus to the point where you stop doubting yourself.”

“But when you do decide to change something, It's gonna suck, it's gonna hurt, but you have to be able to embrace it, but not necessarily love it. But understand that suffering for a purpose is how we create meaning in life. It's called striving. “


Adversities Geoff Seow had to overcome:

-- Spent most of his time in “haze” duing his time at university as he suffered from drug addiction

-- Parental bullying


Abundance Geoff Seow created:

-- Grew an Instagram community from 0 to 3000 followers in 6 months

-- Realized his passion for personal development

-- Started 2 businesses


Lessons from Geoff Seow adversities

-- If your why is powerful, you will take the steps you need to take. Your commitment and your purpose go hand in hand.

-- Decide how your job is serving and whether you need it to continue serving you before making a decision to quit it.


Tune in as Geoff Seow and Jamie talk about:

(00:00) From addiction to life coaching

(04:54) The shame of addiction

(07:11) How he realized he’s an entrepreneur

(08:50) 8 years in a haze

(09:24) How to quit drugs and alcohol

(12:27) Why serving others isn’t always helpful

(14:44) Should you quit your job to become an entrepreneur?

(17:29) Quality clients vs. attracting “anyone/everyone”

(21:51) Geof Seow’s typical week

(23:28) Serving millennial men

(25:35) Rapid fire & his biggest regret

(31:33) You don’t have to love change

(34:02) Managing time between his 2 businesses

(34:32) Is life coaching a scam?

(37:08) “Mountains exist to be climbed”

(37:26) Book recommendations



YourDailyPurpose on Instagram

The 50th Law by 50 Cent and Robert Greene

Mark Manson

Deep Work by Cal Newport

A World Beyond Email by Cal Newport

The Visionary by Geoff Seow (get FREE)

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