Finding Purpose and Riches through Serving Others with E-Commerce Expert Neil Twa
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Neil was a bit immature in his 20s. Impulse and greed were his north stars and they didn’t get him far. He married the wrong person and started charting a destructive path. After recovering from unfaithfulness and divorce, Neil met the woman of his dreams. But, not too long after they married, bankruptcy and a health crisis were waiting for him. His new wife needed medical support, and nobody was bringing in income. Expensive medical bills left him no choice but to start being innovative about how he creates income. It was at this crossroads that he realized that finding purpose in others motivates him.


“I changed from more of a greedy self-pursuit that led to those problems to more of a person who thought that there's a need that needs to be filled and I'm going to fill it because it's for someone else. When purpose changed, everything changed” (26:17)


Today, $500,000 revenue days are something Neil is used to in his Amazon FBA business selling private label products. He also helps people build a similar business model that helps them cash in an almost automated 6 figure income. So, if he were to go back there’s nothing he would change. This is the story of how his life transformed.


Tune in to uncover how being driven by something bigger than yourself can change your life and learn how you can make money building an easy exit business.

Adversities Neil Twa had to overcome:

-       Divorce at 28 (and unfaithfulness)

-       Business bankruptcy

-       Having zero income in his family

-       Wife had a health crisis

Abundance Neil Twa created:

-       Created cosmetics for his kids

-       $500,000 income days

-       Made $630 million in sales

-       Starting an acquisition firm to buy businesses as passive income opportunities


Lessons from Neil Twa’s adversities:

-       “ If you're spewing negativity out in the world, you're gonna find negative people.” (12:34)

-       Your adversity can make you a better person. You’re not going to mature without it.


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Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway (r): Dynamic Techniques for Turning Fear, Indecision, and Anger into Power, Action, and Love

Good to Great by Jim Collins

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