Finding God and Million-Dollar Success in Prison with Entrepreneur Paul Aragon
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Wanting to show his alcoholic parents that he didn’t need them to be on top of the world, Paul Aragon found himself in prison. He spent his childhood making $40,000-80,000 weekly selling drugs and eventually ended up with 7 felonies. But it turns out that prison was the best thing that could’ve happened to him. It’s in there that he found God and started rebuilding his life. Today, he runs his own multi-million dollar roofing company.


This is the story of the rocky roads Paul took to overcome health, legal, financial, and relationship adversity.


“It's not all gonna come together right away. You're gonna have to work at it. It's gonna take daily habits and daily discipline; and if you could do a few things each day to impact your business and impact your financial future, that's what you gotta do” (47:33)


Paul Aragon is the owner of Jireh7 Enterprises which he has been running since 2006.

Adversities Paul had to overcome:


  • Both parents were alcoholics
  • Started selling drugs at 10 years old
  • Arrested several times by 22
  • Faced the possibility of a 25-to-life sentence
  • Lost all his money and possessions
  • Had 7 felonies to his name
  • Got ripped off working under the table

Abundance Paul created:


  • Found Jesus in prison
  • Got his GED
  • Paid $108,000 of debt off
  • Bought his first home in 2019

Lessons from Paul’s adversities


  • Hard times aren’t the end of the road but you must make the decision not to give up
  • There is a purpose in pain
  • If you get complacent, you lose your way

Tune in as Paul and Jamie talk about:


(00:00) From drugs and prison to multi-million dollar roofing company

(06:54) Looking for acceptance in all the wrong places

(12:40) Arrested at 22

(14:40) Why was he doing this

(16:12) 25 to life

(21:00) Turning his life around in prison

(27:33) Making 60 cents a day

(34:36) Was breaking the rules worth it

(36:28) Getting ripped off & under the table work

(41:53) Starting his roofing company

(49:11) Lessons from his adversities

(51:27) Fireside questions

(58:28) Personal finance coaching



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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


From Homelessness to Prison to Financial Freedom through Real Estate with Mark Owen


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