Escaping Abandonment and Criminal Charges to Running $100 Million Multifamily Funds with Entrepreneur Steven Libman
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By 12 years old, Steven had experienced 5 divorces in his family and changed parents several times. At 40, he now raises real estate funds north of $100 million as a Managing Partner of Integrity Holdings Group, owns 1000 units, and found God. Throughout his life, he has been battling two conflicting beliefs: that he can do what he does better than anyone else, and the thought that he’ll never be good enough. This is the story of how he bridged the abandonment, instability, and hardship that riddled his childhood to become an entrepreneur with a self-sustaining support system.

“I'm sure if you interview a bunch of entrepreneurs, we could probably tend to agree that you become this overachiever because you feel maybe a little less than - like you have to prove it to somebody.” (20:28)

Getting charged with 7 felonies and later realizing that he was doomed to be a bad employee unfolded the chain of events that led to a life of highly profitable entrepreneurship. Steven has been running Integrity Holdings Group for 12 years. His company raises capital for large multi-family and commercial real estate projects and hands the funds over to reputable operators.

Tune in to dive into his journey from adversity to abundance and discover why he realized flipping real estate wasn’t good for him, how he reduces his tax bill and why he spends 5 figures on masterminds.

“I don't think you could talk about adversity without the benefit that comes out of it and what lessons you learned from it. I think that for me was what planted the seed of entrepreneurship - those formative years experiences, and all of those years thinking that there is this other way of life that I see And then there's this struggle and instability over here, but how do we avoid that? And is that just purely by chance, or is that tactical and intentional? And I get to determine what path I take.” (18:05)

“The lie of the world that they try to get you to believe is that it's more risky to start your own business than it is to go work for somebody else.” (34:04)

Adversities Steven Libman had to overcome:

  • Absent father 
  • Mother divorced twice
  • Got adopted when he was 5 
  • Five divorces in his life by the time he was 12
  • Working full time during college and being put on probation 
  • Getting charged with 7 felonies and 15 misdemeanors 

Abundance  Steven Libman created:

  • Flipped 1000 houses (starting with $0) 
  • Bought 1000 units in several markets 
  • Running a $257 million project  

Lessons from  Steven Libman's adversities

  • Recognize your role in the adversities you find yourself in, don’t always think of yourself as a victim. Take ownership of the situation so that you can take control of your life. 
  • The people who don’t invest money in educating themselves about how to scale their businesses are the same people who think 10x-ing their profit is not doable. Don’t take money advice from broke friends. 

Tune in as  Steven Libman and Jamie talk about:

(00:00) Overview: Building a support system from the ground up

(04:10) Starting real estate investing with $0 (and cons of wholesaling and flipping real estate)

(09:18) Naming his real estate fund (why integrity?)

(12:41) 5 divorces in his life by 12 years old (Steven’s backstory)

(19:42) Why did he become an overachiever

(24:54) Getting charged with 7 felonies

(30:07) Becoming unemployable and the desire to become his own boss

(36:14) Why did he decide to flip houses

(41:51) How he went from 15 deals/year to 20 deals/month

(43:45) Is spending $22,000 on a mastermind worth it?

(46:04) Fireside questions

(52:46) How his company is competing with Wall Street

(57:42) Book recommendations

(59:30) How to connect with Steven Libman


Books and Resources 

A Country Boy’s Journey From Broke to Millions in Generational Wealth with Business Titan James Harold Webb

Field of Dreams 

Atomic Habits by James Clear

School of Greatness podcast episode with James Clear

Entrusted: Building a Legacy That Lasts by Andrew L Howell and David R York

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