Chapter VII: "It's Never Too Late" with Mark Owens
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Mark Owens is one of the entrepreneurs featured in Jamie Bateman’s Book - From Adversity to Abundance: Inspiring stories of Mental, Physical, and Financial Transformation. This is a republished episode (originally released on April 9, 2022) Episode 1: From Homelessness to Prison to Financial Freedom through Real Estate with Mark Owens

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Mark Owens, a seasoned real estate investor, brings a wealth of experience and a compelling personal journey to the podcast. His transition from adversity to success, coupled with his profound insights into mindset change, addiction recovery, and real estate investment strategies, offers a unique perspective for our audience. With nearly two decades in the real estate industry, Mark's story of resilience and growth, along with the impact of mentorship and self-reflection, provides valuable lessons for those seeking transformation and financial abundance. Mark's down-to-earth approach and candid sharing make him a relatable and credible source for individuals navigating personal and financial challenges.

“I'm going to take control of my life. I'm taking over. I'm going to run this. Not the drugs, me.” - Mark Owens

“It's never too late to call somebody up and apologize or to thank them for something. If somebody did something meaningful in your life, even if it was a boss at Burger King 20 years ago and they said something that made a positive impact in your life. It's never too late to find those people and let them know you'll make their day.” - Mark Owens

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