Chapter VI: "Discovering the Greater Good in Difficult Times" with Beth Boisseau-Coots
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Beth Boisseau-Coots is one of the entrepreneurs featured in Jamie Bateman’s Book - From Adversity to Abundance: Inspiring stories of Mental, Physical, and Financial Transformation. This is a republished episode (originally released on June 07, 2022) Episode 10: Seeing Life’s Challenges as Blessings with Successful Businesswoman Beth Boisseau-Coots

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Beth Boisseau-Coots, an experienced insurance producer broker at JB Lloyd, boasts a career spanning over 16 years in the insurance industry. Her professional expertise lies in specializing in insurance programs for community banks and real estate investors. Despite encountering significant personal challenges, including an early pregnancy and divorce, Beth's resilience and unwavering commitment have propelled her to success. Her journey exemplifies the transformative power of faith and a strong sense of service to others, leading her from adversity to abundance. As a guest on the podcast, Beth offers valuable insights into managing business growth, the indispensable role of a robust support system in entrepreneurship, and the critical nature of vision and mindset in achieving entrepreneurial success. Entrepreneurs and business owners will find her story and practical advice both inspiring and instructive.

“I always trusted that there was more and I was being led. I never doubted that for a moment.” - Beth Boisseau-Coots

“It's about serving others, too. And if it were just about money or just about getting ahead and there wasn't the human element, you feel like you're serving people, then it would be hollow, it'd be shallow. It means nothing.” - Beth Boisseau-Coots

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