Chapter IV: "Finding the Silver Lining in Loss" with Chris Larsen
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Chris Larsen is one of the entrepreneurs featured in Jamie Bateman’s Book - From Adversity to Abundance: Inspiring stories of Mental, Physical, and Financial Transformation. This is a republished episode (originally released on June 21, 2022) Episode 12 How Losing Loved Ones Early Propelled Real Estate Investor Chris Larsen to an Abundant, Impactful Life

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Chris Larsen, the founder of Next Level Income, is an esteemed figure in the real estate investment domain, boasting a career spanning over 15 years. During this time, Larsen has strategically ventured into multifamily properties, self-storage units, and car washes, demonstrating a versatile investment portfolio. His journey is marked by personal adversity, including the loss of both parents and his closest friend, which has significantly influenced his approach to life and financial success. With a focus on resilience and transparency, Larsen shares his remarkable journey, offering profound insights into transforming hardship into prosperity. His dedication to facilitating financial independence for others, combined with his own compelling narrative, positions him as a prominent and influential voice in the real estate investment community.

"The earlier in life that you face a challenge, the stronger you are in the latter part of your life." - Chris Larsen

"Begin your day with a gratitude practice and just think about what you're grateful for. No matter what you're going through today in your life this year, remember, there's always somebody out there that's in a worse position." - Chris Larsen

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